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This happens when no one cares about social sharing

If you can’t afford the luxury of paid promotions to advertise to your audience, you’ll need people willing to share your content. Research shows most social media posts are rarely shared. Is your business in trouble if your content is never shared? What happens when no one cares about social sharing? Let’s take a look at […]

How you can save 99% on the costs of content promotion

Many of you content marketers wish to publish better content on a more frequent basis. In order for your content to grab your target group’s attention, paid content promotion is now a bitter necessity. What does content promotion cost, does the costs outweigh the revenues and is there a cheaper alternative to reach your target […]

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From “sharing is caring” to a social sharing strategy

Viral, interesting content is scarce. Our content needs to be more sensational, more revealing, more dramatic and more seductive in order to go viral. However, there are limits to content rebuilding. As a brand, we can’t all be like Red Bull or Salesforce. Does this mean you ought to be satisfied with a few social […]

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One simple tool to make employee referral succeed

Your organization is thriving and urgently needs to grow. Your first step to hire new employees is the easiest, encourage colleagues to introduce suitable recruits from among the people they know. Employee referral usually delivers excellent candidates. In the same breath, you might ask your coworkers to share any current job openings on social media. […]

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7 Criteria for your ultimate social media sharing tool

Every organization from General Motors to your local bakery has it’s ambassadors; from paid employees and business owners to volunteers and happy customers. All are likely active on social media, and thus have unique followers, connections, and likes. These ambassadors are like social micro media, potentially allowing you to boost your social media presence of […]

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Let's monetize our digital property

In the last decade, we’ve put an enormous amount of money and effort into it. We made it big together, and created a worldwide success: a killer medium unmatched in its target audience and demographics. We should definitely be proud, and we should be allowed to call it our digital property. Along the way, we […]

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