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One simple tool to make employee referral succeed
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Your organization is thriving and urgently needs to grow. Your first step to hire new employees is the easiest, encourage colleagues to introduce suitable recruits from among the people they know. Employee referral usually delivers excellent candidates. In the same breath, you might ask your coworkers to share any current job openings on social media. While this may seem like a small favor to ask, ensuring your colleagues actually perform the favor can be difficult. I may have found the solution to this issue.

With a couple dozen connections on various social media accounts, you can quickly reach thousands of potential candidates, with a personal statement incomparable to any advertisement. After all, potential candidates see the vacancy from a friend or relative, not a drop in the bucket of advertisements seen every day.

Coworkers are happy to join an employee referral program

Motivated and enthusiastic colleagues often have no problem joining an employee referral program and sharing open positions. The beauty of this method lies in this simple function. Often times, their motivations lie in a desire to see the advancement of the business they help run. If needed, hiring bonuses can always be utilized to sweeten the pot for your employees.

Social recruiting can be a hassle

Although your employees have professional and financial motivation to help recruit coworkers, sharing open jobs to their social media seems to be a hassle. It’s hard to get it done. As often occurs, practical difficulties and daily distractions throw a wrench in the works of these actions. You may recognize the following scenario:

HR manager: “So, did you share that vacancy yet?”

Employee: “Remind me what I was supposed to do again…”

HR manager: “That vacancy for marketing manager! You’d share it!”

Employee: “Oh yeah! I simply forgot. I was in a meeting or had to go out. One of the two. And I’ve got a crazy e-mail backlog.”

HR manager: “Oh so you haven’t seen my reminder yet?”

Employee: “When did you send it?”

HR manager: “Last week.”

Employee: “I didn’t catch it. I went skiing. But next time, I will definitely share it! Now I’m just stuck with a few upcoming deadlines.”

Of course…. Even worse, there’s still numerous other colleagues to bother. Worse yet, You may have to go through this process every time a new position opens up. For growing startups, this process is untenable, and eats into everyone’s precious work time.

How to get it done

Social recruiting should be easier. Luckily, it is! Smarter, convenient and economical tools exist to give you a hand, even with menial jobs such as this. What For example, take the social sharing tool PostSpeaker. PostSpeaker gives recruiters the power to automatically post news (such as job openings, hiring events, etc) on the social media accounts of coworkers, colleagues or volunteers.

If this raises your eyebrows a bit, read on. “Will I be the one posting messages on my employees private accounts? Won’t they balk at the request to use their private social media?”  No, provided you restrict your activity through a “sharing agreement”. If your employees know in advance what you’ll be sharing and allow you to share, you won’t have to necessarily ask permission every single time to share a message, nor will they have to put any effort towards your endeavors. Better still, all their social media login information remains private to them and is never shared with anyone, even you, the job poster. They can also cancel or edit the message going out before it is added to their account. I’ll explain step by step how PostSpeaker powers this process.

Step 1. Find your recruiters

Identify which coworkers and employees are most valuable for the purpose of spreading news about open jobs. These might be your social media managers, members of your sales & marketing teams, or software developers, depending on which jobs are open.

Step 2. Recruit your recruiters

Ask permission to send prewritten messages about open positions through your employees social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, a popular business-oriented social website. When you get the “Ok”, send out your “sharing agreement” throughPostSpeaker, and your colleagues are automatically invited as recruiters. Through this invitation, they can create an account and link their social media channels. This process only has to be done once during setup.

Step 3. Build your promoter team

InPostSpeaker, promoter teams are created for each individual job or message, before adding the recruiters you want the message to deploy from.

Step 4. Compose your message!

Create your job posting, or announcement you want the friends or connections on your recruiters social media to see. These posts are always scheduled far in advance of publication as to give your recruiters time to review upcoming posts.

Step 5. Review and publish

Later, your recruiters will receive an email summary of all scheduled messages to go on their social accounts. If desired, they can edit or reject messages throughPostSpeaker. After this round, all approved messages are posted!

This is how to socially recruit

Limiting each individuals effort drastically increases your messages exposure. Your colleagues can concentrate on their work, and aren’t sidetracked with minor social media requests.

About PostSpeaker

PostSpeaker allows you to share vacancies through Facebook and LinkedIn (both on corporate and private pages) and Twitter accounts. Pricing starts at 49 dollar per month. There’s also a free trial period of one month. During the trial period you can invite as many promoters as you want.


*Tip It’s all about sharing. So share the license with your colleagues and marketing & communications and PR. Colleagues can now also share blogs, news or product info. And perhaps resellers or even hardcore brand ambassadors would like to do so as well, saving even more costs on paid promotion.



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